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Download "Fables Collection (2002-15) Jack of (2006) Fairest (2012) [Deluxe Talos Digital Remaster 2022]"

Fables Collection (2002-15) Jack of (2006) Fairest (2012) [Deluxe Talos Digital Remaster 2022]
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Greetings from Talos!

Fables is a multi-award winning series first published in 2002.  The premise
is simple: what if fairy tale characters were real and living in our world?
Several spinoff series arose from its popularity, including Jack of Fables in
2006 and Fairest in 2012.  Compiled here is a thorough read of the main
continuity but this is NOT a complete collection.  If you enjoyed this, then
check out Fables The Wolf Among Us (both the video game and comic series),
The Unwritten, Peter and Max, and Batman vs. Bigby.

  Fables 1-150, 
  Jack of Fables 1-50, 
  Fairest 1-33, 
  Everafter 1-12,
  Literals 1-3, 
  From Fabletown With Love 1-6, 
  Fables are Forever 1-6, 
  The Last Castle, 
  1001 Nights of Snowfall, 
  Werewolves of the Heartland,
  Fairest in All The Land

Note: several stories have been rearranged for a better reading experience.
Book numbers follow the Deluxe Edition, and should be read in alphabetical
display order.



Most comics are made for print media and not digital.  This has a number of
consequences when trying to display those comics in a digital form.

1) Gutters and Page Numbers
Because we hold print in our hands, there are large gutters around the
outside of each page where our fingers touch and thumbs rest.  Page numbers
often go in this gutter, for fast "seeking".  When transfered to a digital
display, this ends up reducing the viewing area.  Gutters are not needed on a
screen, nor are page numbers in an electronic file.

2) Dual Page Imposition
Print media is folded opened and always displaying two pages at once.  This
means pages are offset left and right to account for the spine width (called
imposition).  Extra filler pages are used for presentation purposes, or to
ensure chapters start on the right / an odd page.  Digital books have no need
for any filler nor offset.

3) Colors and Print Constraints
The actual printing process imposes certain limitations, most notably the
color range and inks used.  Old comics used Ben-Day dots to reduce cost, and
most superheroes have primary colors because those print the best.  Issues
are usually a multiple of 4 pages, since that's a single print page.  Digital
has full color gamut at no cost and no constraints of display.


Several upgrades were made to convert the print comics into a digital form.

1) Better Display
Most pages were losslessly cropped in vertically, resulting in a 5-15%
larger visual image.  Gutters were still kept for visual balance, and because
of occasional footnotes / image box overspill.  Covers were closed cropped to
given full display width, just like a regular comic cover.  Image resolution
is a multiple of 30, 6, 3, or 2, to give better scaling interpolation.

2) Faster Rendering
Many pages have been removed, including fillers, ISBN, dedications, and
duplicates, which is ~5% size reduction.  At the same time, no compression
improves load speed, which increases size ~5-10% over cbr.  Large files are
split and an internal file structure is used to make icons and rendering
faster.  The goal is to reduce human time, both in wasted pages and waiting.

3) Multi-Sourced
The best looking digital source was selected for each work, as rendered by
CDisplayEx.  This is most often the one with the highest resolution or best
color gamut.  Each work is annotated so that provenance may be tracked:
  Comic ### (Original Year) Title [Notes, Source Year]
Usually a high quality anthology is broken down into smaller units which are
rearranged as needed.  Anything remaining is put in the Leftovers directory.

4) Comic Restoration
Where possible, images are reordered to restore the feel of reading discrete
comics in sequence.  The optimal image order is:
  Cover, Frontispiece, Title / TOC, Page(s), End Bonus(es), Back Cover

Fables was a particularly difficult remaster for two reasons.  First,
oversplash was used liberally on many pages, often intercut with regular
pages.  Thus, on several occasions it was better balance to leave filler in
instead of cutting them, so that pages flowed as originally intended.
Second, ornate decorations were used on many pages to visually border and
identify story and characters.  Since these also need to be left in, even
more pages needed to be left as is.  In total, only around half the pages
were cropped, and only in those cases where a reasonably uniform presentation
could be given.

Last but not least, a Fables cover book was released and where possible we've
replaced the comic versions with the high definition ones (without barcodes,
titles, etc.).  In some cases, the title and number are part of the original

File List:

Fables Book 01 (2002) [001-005 Legends In Exile] cbz
445 MB
Fables Book 01 (2002) [006-010 Animal Farm] cbz
375 MB
Fables Book 02 (2003) [011-013 Last Castle] cbz
443 MB
Fables Book 02 (2003) [014-018 Storybook Love] cbz
397 MB
Fables Book 03 (2004) [019-027 March of the Wooden Soldiers] cbz
558 MB
Fables Book 04 (2004) [028-033 Mean Seasons] cbz
462 MB
Fables Book 04 (2005) [034-035 Jack J01-J11] cbz
433 MB
Fables Book 05 (2005) [036-041 Homelands] cbz
471 MB
Fables Book 05 (2005) [042-047 Arabian Nights] cbz
458 MB
Fables Book 06 (2006) [048-051 Wolves+59 Extra] cbz
520 MB
Fables Book 06 (2006) [052-058 Sons of Empire] cbz
609 MB
Fables Book 07 (2007) [060-069 Good Prince] cbz
739 MB
Fables Book 08 (2007) [064 Jack J12-J32] cbz
676 MB
Fables Book 08 (2008) [1001 Nights of Snowfall] cbz
643 MB
Fables Book 09 (2008) [070-075 War and Pieces] cbz
251 MB
Fables Book 09 (2008) [076-082 The Dark Ages] cbz
254 MB
Fables Book 09 (2009) [From Fabletown With Love] cbz
195 MB
Fables Book 10 (2009) [083-085 Great Fables Crossover] cbz
292 MB
Fables Book 10 (2009) [Jack J36-J50] cbz
457 MB
Fables Book 11 (2009) [086-098 Witches+Rose Red] cbz
499 MB
Fables Book 11 (2010) [099-100 Single Combat] cbz
174 MB
Fables Book 11 (2011) [Fables Are Forever] cbz
329 MB
Fables Book 11 (2012) [Werewolves of the Heartland] cbz
203 MB
Fables Book 12 (2011) [101-107 Super Team] cbz
218 MB
Fables Book 12 (2011) [108-113 Inherit The Wind] cbz
197 MB
Fables Book 12 (2012) [Wide Awake Fairest F01-F13] cbz
542 MB
Fables Book 13 (2012) [114-124 Cubs in Toyland] cbz
326 MB
Fables Book 13 (2013) [125-129 Snow White] cbz
140 MB
Fables Book 13 (2013) [Fairest in all the Land] cbz
298 MB
Fables Book 13 (2013) [Return of the Maharaja Fairest F14-F26] cbz
370 MB
Fables Book 14 (2013) [130-140 Camelot] cbz
317 MB
Fables Book 14 (2014) [Clamour for Glamour F27-F33] cbz
214 MB
Fables Book 15 (2014) [141-149 Happily Ever After] cbz
269 MB
Fables Book 15 (2015) [150 Farewell] cbz
197 MB
Fables Book 16 (2016) [Everafter Pandora Protocol E01-E12] cbz
375 MB
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